What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is considered to be the use of software robots to automate long, time-consuming and repetitive internal tasks. It performs a manual task or process step-by-step, as if a human would perform it, much faster and without risk of error.

What are the benefits of Robotic Process Automation for your company?

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Increase the value of your business

RPA ensures an increase in the value of your company by boosting its productivity because the robots set up work continuously and without error. Thus, the costs linked to human activity can be migrated to other tasks with higher added value. RPA also ensures a modernisation of the company through the integration of new technologies, both in the general organisation and by the employees.

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Increase the well-being of your employees

Robots integrated into your organisation allow you to handle the repetitive, tedious and non-value-added tasks of your employees. In this way, their work is valued and they can tackle other more interesting tasks.

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Reduce action time

RPA ensures a reduction in the time required to complete a task. In fact, a 5min task carried out by a human and reduced to a completion time of about 1 min by the robot. Also, the inspection time becomes almost non-existent since RPA implies an error-free completion of the tasks and each action of the robot is tracked.

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Gain in agility

In an ever-changing economic context, companies must be increasingly proactive. Today, RPA allows for greater agility thanks to its ability to increase or decrease its volume of action for the same cost.