From start-ups to multinationals and SMEs, everyone can have the idea of a project that will start an entrepreneurial adventure, revolutionize an industry or diversify its activities. But the research and development of a new IT project is an art in itself that we have learned to master over the years. New technologies are tamed by our experts who offer you assistance in the development of your IT project:

Do you have the outline of an innovative project? Are you convinced that you will benefit from it but you don't have the skills or time to develop it? Our teams have the experience and experience to help you succeed. Instead of developing your requests mechanically, we prefer to understand your business, analyse your needs and challenge you if necessary. This ensures that we make the right choices and involve everyone in the success.

Our best technological practices


The workshop is essential to immerse ourselves in your IT project and validate the right decisions together, even before starting the developments.

Project Management

Our CTO provides IT project management for a good coordination internally and with your dedicated contact person, as well as the respect of deadlines. This integration of everyone at the heart of the project is essential for the optimal development of your web or mobile platform.



The Agile Manifesto, the SCRUM methodology is a way of conducting an IT project. The three pillars of this approach are based on: transparency, inspection and adaptation. The aim of this method is to make all the actors collaborate simultaneously to produce a solution with a high added value. Stakeholders are regularly solicited to validate the project's progress by iteration.


Software Craftsmanship

Software Craftsmanship focuses on the organisation and cleanliness of the developers' code. This movement advocates the idea that software should not only be functional but also well constructed.

The SCRUM therefore allows for flexible development cycles and complements the Software Craftsmanship, which ensures clean and functional code. Thanks to these two best practices and the expertise of our team, we guarantee a perfectly managed and controlled project.

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