Development of an application for private aircraft flight demand

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In the world of aviation, the use of private aircraft is becoming more and more common. 

The LXA Flyer application is a solution which enables individuals to make flight requests for private aircraft in Europe. 

The LXA Flyer company has applied their expertise and professional experience to propose an efficient and simple solution to fit every client’s needs, taking shape as a user-friendly and accessible app. 

Now available in the app store, the LXA Flyer app supports users by providing a quicker trip planning experience within just a few clicks. 

The objective of the solution :

Enable users to: 

  • Make a request by indicating the flights needs (date, departure and arrival location, …) 
  • Register passengers (Names, ID, pictures, ...) 
  • Receive flight price quotations and pay online to confirm the booking 

Enable LXA Flyer administration to: 

  • Manage flight requests 
  • Create price quotations 
  • Register airports and modify them 

Enable the seamless management of: 

  • All communications with users (email content, templates, …) 
  • All payment transactions 
  • Secure information sharing 


Our services :

After an analysis of LXA Flyer needs, the project went through several development phases: 

  1. Definition of the project architecture   
  2. Development of the back end for LXA Flyer app (administration interface) 
  3. Development of the front end with a mobile application for the users 
  4. Integration of payment solution 
  5. Integration of communication solution 
  6. Implementation of the Microsoft Azure architecture 
  7. Deployment and support during the testing and production phases. 

Testimonial :

At Luxaviation we wanted to launch a startup project with an agile and innovative company. We decided to work with Technology Partner who are practicing a ‘lean approach’ and helped us clearly defining our needs. The result of this collaboration is the LXA Flyer application, allowing users to book a private flight with a simple App. Thanks to the administrator access we are autonomous and can make our own modifications on the environment of the App (back-office, email template, payment system etc.) We are proud of this collaboration which is continuing to this day and we will not hesitate to contact Technology Partner again if another project comes up in the future. Tom Hienckes, Head of LXA FLYER Sales 

The technologies used :

  • Web Portal: 
    • .NET Core 3.1
    •  ASP MVC 
    • Bootstrap 4.5 
    • JQuery 3.5.1
    • Entity framework
    • Identity framework  
  • Data Management
    • SQL server 
  • Mobile Application:
    • Xamarin Forms 4.8
    • .NET Standard 2.1 
  • Payment system integrations
    • Stripe 
  • Integrations with third party systems
    • Mailchimp: Newsletters management
    • Mandrill: Transactional emails 



Published on 15/01/2021

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