Development of a simplified administrative management platform for real estate agencies

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The Luxembourg market is very active and regulations continue to grow. The administrative burden required to comply with these regulations is increasingly important and time-consuming.

Orea is a management platform whose aim is to simplify all administrative procedures related to a sale or a real estate rental. Thanks to Orea, the creation and management of current sales or rental files is simplified since it is enough to enter each information once and then automatically generate all the necessary documents, from the declaration of origin of the funds to the certification of the notary through the mandate, the compromise and much more. also maintains the history of all records, including all related documents.

For a real estate agency, Orea allows: 

  • Generate all your documents in 2 clicks
    Enter each piece of information once to populate all required documents.

  • Guarantee the highest quality
    All documents are legally checked and available in 3 languages.

  • Benefit from great flexibility
    Easily modify documents to suit your needs and add your own templates.

  • Centralise all data
    Access all current and historical data and files at any time.

  • Absolute confidentiality
    All sensitive data is encrypted. Only you have access to it.

  • Optimise your workflow
    Invite your customers to enter their data and prepare your documents easily, in advance.

  • Improve your customer experience
    Communicate easily via orea messaging and keep a record of exchanges.

  • Digitalise your business
    Invite your customers to upload their documents (CPE, CNI) directly on the platform.

  • Coming soon: electronic signatures
    Save unnecessary journeys by taking advantage of electronic signatures.

Wesite :

The goal of the solution: 

Provide a tool that allows:  

  • Managing all administrative documents by automatically filling fields 
  • Optimize processes through close collaboration with customers 
  • Keep a complete history of all records 
  • To have a full-time view of the cases that have been done and are ongoing. 


Our achievement: 

  1. Defining the architecture of the web project 
  2. Project development in agile method 
  3. Creating the admin and user interface 
  4. Creating PDF templates 
  5. Testing phase in staging 
  6. Automated CI/CD deployment 



The platform perfectly corresponds to our expectations and has proven to be very scalable. Indeed, customers regularly bring back suggestions to improve and evolve the platform and all these new requests could be integrated easily and cheaply. The use is user-friendly and intuitive, even for third-party guest users. Directeur, 


The technologies used: 

  • Web portal: 
    • .Net Core 2.2 
    • React 
    • Bootstrap 

  • Data management 
    • MS SQL Server 

  • Payment system integrations 
    • Stripe 

  • Integrations with third-party systems 
    • Mailchimp: Newsletter management / invitation 
    • Mandrill: Sending transactional emails, via provider's template engine

  • Hosting 
Published on 13/04/2021

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