Technology Partner opens up to the luxembourgish IT market

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In summer 2017, Linc SA, one of Luxembourg’s leading Internet forces, has opened its IT team to third-party companies and doubled his workforce to assist its clients in the development of innovative projects.

The IT division of the Linc Group, known as assists companies in the development of their innovative IT projects by bringing together a team of passionate developers, project managers and IT consultants specialized in the design and development of innovative tools.

david-hubert-it-luxembourg-linc-sa“The idea of getting into this market came from the customers themselves, who regularly solicited us for their web projects. In addition to application development support, they were interested in our advices and expertise in terms of innovation and project launching. Since the creation of the division in 2017, we have worked on a wide range of external projects, “explains David, Business Development Manager. Linc is clearly positioned on innovative projects, and this on various types of development (web platform, customized software package, mobile application, etc.). This is where the group’s experience at all levels comes to play and offers a unique customer experience, whether for a start-up or a well-established company looking to innovate.

The Linc Group division carries out ambitious missions from start to finish in project mode by placing IT consultants on a mission to support the teams of its customers. “Rather than simply answering a set of specifications, we challenge each project to ensure that the proposed technical solutions really meet customer needs. The individual experience of our employees as well as that of the group, which has a long history in the design and launch of innovative projects, prove to be valuable for our customers “says Julien Gras, CTO of Linc.

Together, we will achieve your goals

Customer testimonial of Jonathan Marroyen, Founder and CEO of “Vireo”.

“We, as customers, tended to turn to the behemoths of the place, boasting a well-established reputation. But after taking a look around, we felt more like a number. We were not looking for a provider but rather a real partner to support us in the development of our project. That is what we found, and felt, from the first meeting with Linc Technology Partner! There was this unmeasurable and unquantifiable touch that I saw only in them which made that the “fear of the New” was discarded from the start! Working with Linc is a real pleasure. My associates and I have had the opportunity to feel, from the very first interview, a sense of simplicity, confidence, availability, and professionalism (understanding of the good & ability to deliver), not to mention the most important: their very human side.”