Development of a virtual tax return solution for individuals and companies

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Most citizens pay taxes. And very often they pay too much. Indeed, the complexity of taxation and its constant evolution make it a subject that is little appreciated and wrongly left aside.What if it were possible for everyone, expert or novice, to determine whether it was advantageous or obligatory to make a tax return, to make a tax return online, without any tax knowledge required, regardless of the complexity of one's situation, optimised in real time, whether one is a Luxembourg resident or not? VIREO Luxembourg had the idea of setting up the first virtual tax agent in Luxembourg allowing the completion and optimisation of tax returns for individuals. In order to improve the competitiveness of companies in terms of human resources, My Tax is offered as a salary benefit to employees.  

The objective of the solution :

  • To provide a tool that will :  
  • Enable companies to grant an advantage to their employees    
  • Ensuring that tax procedures are carried out quickly and easily   
  • Provide comprehensive and understandable reports to users    
  • Make the modification of business rules accessible to the administrator  


"We weren't looking for a service provider but rather a real partner to support us in the development of Vireo. This is what we found, and felt, from the first meeting with Linc Technology Partner: a feeling of simplicity, trust, professionalism without forgetting the most important thing: their great human side." Jonathan Marroyen, Founder and CEO of    

Our service :  

After a long phase of analysis and diagnosis of Vireo's needs, the project went through several development phases:     

  1. Definition and implementation of the project architecture   
  2. Development of a back end for Vireo (administrator)  
    1. User management  
    2. Forms management  
    3. Management of business rules, via an engine designed by TP to manage tax calculations, the decision tree of questions to be asked to the user, as well as the rules governing user experience 
  3. Development of a front end for individuals using information defined in the back end (user) 
    1. Dynamic display of forms  
    2. Reception and storage of responses  
    3. Generation of official documents in PDF format  
  4. Deployment and support during the testing and production phases.  
  5. Accompaniment of the customer in the phases of safety audit and RGPD  

The technologies used :  

  • Net Framework v4.7
  • ASP .NET MVC v5  
  • Bootstrap 3, jQuery 3.1.1  
  • SQL Server: Data storage  
  • Azure :
    • Website, DB, storage  
    • Auto scale-up and auto scale-down for automatic adaptation of performance according to platform use  
  • CI/CD Pipeline: Automated deployment in staging and production environments (Azure DevOps) 



Published on 16/09/2020