Covid-19 / Call for interest for a social distancing device

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Following the Prime Minister’s speech on 13th of April, a potential end of the lockdown can be assumed after May 11.

A gradual return to work

The gradual return to work must be done without endangering the safety of the companies’ and administrations’ staff.

Care must therefore be taken to keep a distance of more than 2m between individuals, or wear mouth protection for any shorter distance. 

But how can employers ensure the correct implementation of these rules on a daily basis and thus guarantee safety and peace of mind at work?

Linc Technology Partner has set itself the task of developing a physical distancing device. Materialized in the form of an intelligent collar with light and sound alerts, the device provides real-time information on the distances between collar wearers:

  • Green / no sound: a distance of at least 3m is respected = no risk
  • Orange / 1 beep: the distance is between 2 and 3m = if you get closer to the other collar wearer you have to put the mouth guard on
  • Red / 1 beep : you are now less than 2 meters away from a colleague both of you must wear your mouth guard.


Call for interest

The prototype of the device is built and functional, but given the need to launch significant production, Linc Technology Partner wishes to urgently assess the market interest to decide whether to launch the production.

The final price should be between 16 to 20 EUR excl. vat and deliveries should be possible sometime during June.

Linc Technology Partner invites any potentially interested company, administration or institution to devote 2 minutes to a questionnaire to help decide whether or not to start production. 

Access the survey here: 

The survey is of course non-binding. As time is very tight to guarantee a delivery in June, interested parties are invited to respond as soon as possible.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Linc Technology Partner Sarl


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