#11 Moving to work in another country: a software developer opportunity

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Finding a job in another country, moving its family or moving alone is not something easy. This is what Diana dared to do when she left Portugal for Luxembourg to work as a software developer in Technology Partner. She wanted to share her experience because she is aware that many people can be confronted with this dilemma.    

Diana, what have been your motivations looking for a job abroad? 

Although Portugal has followed the trend in becoming a big IT hub in Europe where big companies are moving there, unfortunately the housing prices have been rising and developer's salaries do not follow the same trend. When making plans for a distant future I saw that staying in Portugal would mean not being able to achieve all I wanted, so moving abroad was the best choice.  

Which fears did you have before you left Portugal?  

I was already far from most of my family in Madeira Island but leaving Portugal would mean becoming even further from them. Besides, Portugal has amazing weather unlike most of Europe and I was afraid that it would be a big difference. So far so good 😊 

Another example is the fact that my boyfriend who is also a Software Engineer, was able to find a job as quick as me and we were able to move to Luxembourg at the same time, which is generally not the case among people we know. 

According to you, what are the benefits of moving to another country to work?  

For me the main benefit is getting to know people from all over Europe. Besides that, there is of course the financial benefits and everything that comes associated to that: better quality of life, more stability and possibility to make plans for the long future. 

Which troubles have you encountered in getting recruited in Luxembourg? 

I cannot say that I had a lot of troubles being recruited here. The main obstacle was that since I was in Lisbon, all interviews needed to be done by phone and/or video call. Also, there were cases where only an interview in person was possible, so those companies were immediately out of question. To be honest, if you are not willing/able to travel several times to the interviews it can be a bit difficult to predict if a company is a right fit. Fortunately, Technology Partner made it easy by having the interviews by phone and the first time I had to be present was to sign the contract. 

Do you think that being a developer has been a plus for you to easily find a job? 

Of course. Fortunately, nowadays developers are in high demand in the IT market which continues to grow day by day. In my case, I posted my CV online one day and the next day I already had contacts from companies interested in interviewing me. I think that this might be one of the only professions where you don’t need to look for a job because it comes looking for you.  

What advice could you give to someone who would like to move to another country to work there? 

Depending on the country I would say, just go. Of course, that if it is a country known for having good IT companies it makes it easier. If the country is not a fixed decision, then perfect, I would just recommend trying to find someone who has moved there and ask them if it is worth it or not.