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David Rueda, Senior Java developer of Linc Technology Partner tells us why he wanted to create his first intra-company community and how TP supported him. The training meetings are composed of Technology Partner employees and aim to train on IT technologies. 

The David community is wondering about the TLA + (Temporal Logic of Actions) tool, which is presented as a formal specification language developed by Leslie Lamport. This is used to design, model and verify competing systems.

David, what do you think about the fact that it is an internal employee of the company who trains his colleagues? 

I think this is an advantage for both the “trainer” and the “trainees”. First of all, I would say that employees invest themselves differently when it is one of their own who trains them. Then, you have to know how to be a teacher because “you can only teach when you have acquired the gift of synthesizing your knowledge.” 

Communities allow you to create links with new employees who have joined us. But also, to strengthen those already present with other colleagues. We are for the majority of customers and we rarely see each other. I appreciated the fact that TP gave us the opportunity to create this type of group meeting.


Why did you decide to create this first community and why did you choose the TLA+ theme? 

One of my objectives when I returned to “active” life after my trip to Asia was to start improving certain soft skills* (competence) such as communication, pedagogy or even speaking skills through self-training. 

Transmitting a message between two processes can be simple but transmitting one between two people can be a real challenge. It is at this point that we realize that communicating our intentions is vital if we want to grow together.TLA+ allows us to communicate the design intent of a computer system (or other). My interest in TLA+ comes from various experiences this year, both in IT and in my travels. 


How did Linc Technology Partner support you in organizing this community? 

When Linc Technology Partner told us about his desire to create more connections between us through communities and technical lunch, I took the opportunity to introduce TLA+. TP quickly understood my interests and desires. We moved forward together, and TP organized the first training meeting. It was important for me to pass on my knowledge to my colleagues and I was able to do so quickly and simply.


Could you tell us how you organize theoretical and practical training? 

Theory is only a support to practice. I only expose the minimum during the training and prefer to focus the experience on the collaboration between the participants as well as on their search to learn new things. For me, learning is playing so the TLA+ community is a community full of learning players.


What are your future career aspirations? 

My aspirations are many, but I would like to learn more about TLA+ and continue to share it with my colleagues. Regarding my daily work, I would like to further develop my knowledge in the development of computer systems.


Written by David Rueda & Charline Pennisi

Published on 15/11/2018

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